Twins Shot Dead in St. Andrew


A report made by Observer Online states that this morning twin brothers were shot dead in a police operation in Maverley, St. Andrew. The men have been identified as 24 year-old Ramone and Ramiesh Cummings who were killed in a house on Denver Crescent.

In a later report, Observer Online reported that INDECOM, released yesterday, that a team of 25 police officers was engaged in a search of wanted men and guns.

Allegedly, the team was acting on information when they went to Denver Crescent. When they arrived, the release stated that they met two people at the entrance of the house. Police then advised them that they wanted to ‘clear’ the house. Police said a ‘confrontation’ took place when they entered the house.

The police team involved in the fatal shooting were thereafter interviewed and served with notices. Additionally, their assigned weapons were taken out of circulation and put up for submission to the government forensic lab.

The police’s Corporate Communications Unit stated that after the fatal double shooting, two illegal guns and ammunition were seized. They say that the guns: a Trabzon 9mm pistol, containing three rounds, and a 9mm pistol containing two rounds, were found after the confrontation alleged by police.

Acting Senior Superintendent Arthur Brown of the St Andrew South Division, said the men were shot when they engaged the police in a firefight.

They (the injured men), he said, were taken to Kingston Public Hospital where they succumbed to their injuries. S.S. Brown added that the men were not from the community and were wanted for questioning in relation to a murder in the St Andrew South Police Division.

The slain twin mens’s mother, Claudette Matthews, who had rushed to the community, claims her sons were killed in their sleep.“Dem come and see dem’ dem nuh tek dem and carry dem in; dem tun the gun pon di two a dem and kill dem. Dat nuh right,” a distraught Matthews told the Observer Online team.

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