Bibi says U-20 team must pass better

Head Coach of the Jamaica U-20 team Ricardo “Bibi” Gardner says the U-20 team needed to pass better. Gardner who made over 100 appearances for Jamaica says if they were able to do this then they would have got three wins instead of two wins in the tournament. Jamaica finished the Preliminary round of the CFU Qualifiers on 6 points and in third place, this result eliminates from from the next round and also from qualifying for the U-20 FIFA World Cup in 2017.

“Keeping better possession would have helped to tire the Dominican Republic team. Most of the time we were rushing the game though there was still time to play. Then we gave up a goal that dimmed the spirit toward the end,” said Bibi.

In addition to the ball possession, Bibi who played for Jamaica in the 1998 World Cup in France says the finishing has to improve at the U-20 Level.

” We created so many chances. That has always been a strong area for us. We move the ball well, we cross it well, we get it into dangerous areas into the box but the final ball and the finishing needs some more work.Being eliminated is a disappointment but we need to move on from here and learn from our lessons so that they are not repeated in the future.”



U-20 Reggae Boyz Record and CFU and CONCACAF Level in last 15 years (since 2001)


2001 CONCACAF U-20 tournament


Jamaica 1-1 Mexico


Honduras 1-2 Jamaica


Canada 0-0 Jamaica


Jamaica qualified for the 2001 edition of the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Argentina


2001 U-20 FIFA World Cup


Jamaica 0-0 Egypt


Jamaica 0-1 Finland


Jamaica 1-5 Argentina (Our goal was scored by Fabian Dawkins)


2003 (Head Coach: Wendell Downswell)


2003 CFU U-20 Qualifiers


Jamaica 6-1 Puerto Rico


Jamaica 3-1 Cayman Islands


Caribbean Final Round (Playoff- Series)


Jamaica 1-2 Haiti


Haiti 0-0 Jamaica


Jamaica did not advance to the CONCACAF Final Round (This was the first time they failed since 1990)


2005 (Head Coach Wendell Downswell)


2005 CFU U-20 Qualifiers


Jamaica 12-0 Antigua and Barbuda


Jamaica 2-0 St. Lucia


Jamaica 3-0 Bermuda


Caribbean Final Round (Playoff-Series)


Jamaica 4-0 Haiti


Haiti 0-3 Jamaica


2005 CONCACAF U-20 Tournament


Honduras 4-2 Jamaica (Goals scored by Akeem Priestly and O’Brian White)


Mexico 1-0 Jamaica


Canada 1-0 Jamaica


2007 (Head Coach: Dean Weatherly, Assisted with Wendell Downsell)


Jamaica received a bye from the Preliminary Caribbean Round and advanced to the Final Round of the CFU stage


Jamaica 2-0 Netherlands Antilles


Jamaica 3-1 Bermuda


Haiti 0-0 Jamaica


Playoff for spot into CONCACAF U-20 tournament


Jamaica 2-0 Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago 1-0 Jamaica


CONCACAF 2007 U-20 Tournament


Jamaica 0-2 Costa Rica


Mexico 2-0 Jamaica


Jamaica 1-1 St. Kitts and Nevis (Joel Grant scored for Jamaica)


2009 (Head Coach: Donovan Duckie)


CFU U-20 Qualifiers


Jamaica 1-0 Puerto Rico (Goal Scorer: Ramone Palmer)


Bermuda 0-4 Jamaica (Goal scorers: Brace from Alanzo Adlam and Brace from Levaughn Williams)


Cayman Islands 0-3 Jamaica (Goal scorers: Brace from Andre Clennon and 1 from Alanzo Adlam)


2nd CFU Round


Jamaica 4-1 Antigua and Barbuda (Dever Orgill,Andre Campbell, Davion Thorpe and an own goal from Antiguan player Cantius Philogene)


Aruba 0-4 Jamaica (4 goals from Dever Orgill)


CFU Final Round


Jamaica 1-1 Haiti ( Dever Orgill)


Dominican Republic 1-4 Jamaica (Hattrick from Alanzo Adlam and 1 goal from  Romario Campbell)


St. Vincent and the Grenadines 0-2 Jamaica (Own goal from St. Vincent player Justin Stapleton and Levaughn Williams)


2009 CONCACAF U-20 Championship


Jamaica 0-3 United States


Jamaica 2-1 El Salvador ( Romario Campbell and Alanzo Adlam)


Jamaica 0-4 Honduras


At least a draw against Honduras would have secured a spot in the 2009 edition of the U-20 FIFA World Cup in Egypt


2011 (Head Coach:Walter Gama and Andrew Edwards)


CFU U-20 Qualifiers


Jamaica 6-1 Grenada (Craig Foster(3), Neco Brett(2) and Allan Ottey)


US Virgin Islands 0-11 Jamaica (Craig Foster (3), Devon Williams(3), Paul Wilson (2), Allan Ottey(2), Neco Brett, Rohan Roye and Kevon Farquharson)


Guyana 0-2 Jamaica (Craig Foster (2))


CONCACAF U-20 Championship


Guatemala 2-0 Jamaica


Honduras 2-1 Jamaica ( Neco Brett – Goal voted in top 10 in tournament)


2013 (Head Coach: Walter Gama)


Jamaica 1-0 Antigua and Barbuda (Oshane Boothe)


Jamaica 3-0 Suriname (Sean McFarlane, Zhelano Barnes and Kareem Manning)


Jamaica 0-0 Cuba


CONCACAF U-20 Championship


Jamaica 4-1 Puerto Rico (Omar Holness, Damion Lowe and Kendan Anderson)


Jamaica 0-4 Panama


Quarter Finals: Jamaica 0-4 Mexico


Beating Mexico would help Jamaica advance to the U-20 FIFA World Cup in Turkey


2015 (Head Coach: Theodore Whitmore)


As host of the CONCACAF U-20 Championship, Jamaica received a bye and they did not participate in the CFU Rounds


CONCACAF U-20 Championship


Jamaica 2-2 Trinidad and Tobago (Donjay Smith and Junior Flemmings)


Jamaica 0-1 Guatemala


Jamaica 0-2 Panama


Jamaica 0-2 USA


Jamaica 0-0 Aruba


2017 qualifiers (Head Coach: Ricardo Gardner)


CFU Qualifiers


Jamaica 2-1 Dominica (First time we beat a Windward Island team by less than a 2 goal margin)


Jamaica 0-2 St. Kitts and Nevis (First time Jamaica has lost to St.Kitts and Nevis at U-20 level)
Jamaica 2-1 Dominican Republic


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