U-20 Reggae Boyz Record since 1996

U-20 Reggae Boyz Record and CFU and CONCACAF Level in last 20 years (since 1996)


Sources of information: Caribbean Football Union, CONCACAF, Instatscout and 11vs11


Our first match at the U-20 Level: April 2, 1964: USA U20 1-1 Jamaica U20


Our last match at the U-20 Level: June 19, 2016: Jamaica U20 2-1 Dominican Republic U20


For some of these U-20 tournaments, we didn’t have to go through the CFU Qualifiers as we got a bye to the CONCACAF Round. So tournaments where you see no mention of CFU results, that means we received a bye to the CONCACAF Final Round.

Wins:  39    Losses:  24      Draws:   12     since 1996


Of the 24 losses, 12 of them have come since 2007

We have not averaged scoring more than 2 goals per game since 2011

Years that we were close on qualifying for U-20 World Cup: 1996, 2009 and 2013

Years we qualified: 2001




1996 CONCACAF U-20 tournament – Hosted in Mexico (A tournament “Bibi” played in as a player)


Jamaica 1-4 USA


Jamaica 1-0 Honduras


Jamaica 3-0 Martinique


Final Round


Costa Rica 2-1 Jamaica


Guatemala 0-0 Jamaica


Beating Costa Rica would have put us in the 1997 U-20 FIFA World Cup in Malaysia




1998 CFU U-20 Qualifiers


Jamaica 6-2 Barbados


Jamaica 6-0 Bermuda


Caribbean Final Round


Jamaica 6-1 Grenada


Jamaica 6-0 Guyana


Antigua and Barbuda 0-9 Jamaica


1998 CONCACAF U-20 tournament


Jamaica 2-5 Mexico


Guatemala 2-1 Jamaica


Honduras 5-1 Jamaica


2001 (Coach: Wendell Downswell and Clovis DeOlivera)


2001 CFU U-20 Qualifiers


Jamaica 5-0 Cayman Islands


Jamaica 2-0 Dominica


Jamaica 4-0 Grenada


CFU Final Round


Jamaica 1-0 Dominican Republic


Jamaica 6-1 Suriname


Jamaica 0-0 Cuba


2001 CONCACAF U-20 tournament


Jamaica 1-1 Mexico


Honduras 1-2 Jamaica


Canada 0-0 Jamaica


Jamaica qualified for the 2001 edition of the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Argentina


2001 U-20 FIFA World Cup


Jamaica 0-0 Egypt


Jamaica 0-1 Finland


Jamaica 1-5 Argentina (Our goal was scored by Fabian Dawkins)


2003 (Head Coach: Wendell Downswell)


2003 CFU U-20 Qualifiers


Jamaica 6-1 Puerto Rico


Jamaica 3-1 Cayman Islands


Caribbean Final Round (Playoff- Series)


Jamaica 1-2 Haiti


Haiti 0-0 Jamaica


Jamaica did not advance to the CONCACAF Final Round (This was the first time they failed since 1990)


2005 (Head Coach Wendell Downswell)


2005 CFU U-20 Qualifiers


Jamaica 12-0 Antigua and Barbuda


Jamaica 2-0 St. Lucia


Jamaica 3-0 Bermuda


Caribbean Final Round (Playoff-Series)


Jamaica 4-0 Haiti


Haiti 0-3 Jamaica


2005 CONCACAF U-20 Tournament


Honduras 4-2 Jamaica (Goals scored by Akeem Priestly and O’Brian White)


Mexico 1-0 Jamaica


Canada 1-0 Jamaica


2007 (Head Coach: Dean Weatherly, Assisted with Wendell Downsell)


Jamaica received a bye from the Preliminary Caribbean Round and advanced to the Final Round of the CFU stage


Jamaica 2-0 Netherlands Antilles


Jamaica 3-1 Bermuda


Haiti 0-0 Jamaica


Playoff for spot into CONCACAF U-20 tournament


Jamaica 2-0 Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago 1-0 Jamaica


CONCACAF 2007 U-20 Tournament


Jamaica 0-2 Costa Rica


Mexico 2-0 Jamaica


Jamaica 1-1 St. Kitts and Nevis (Joel Grant scored for Jamaica)


2009 (Head Coach: Donovan Duckie)


CFU U-20 Qualifiers


Jamaica 1-0 Puerto Rico (Goal Scorer: Ramone Palmer)


Bermuda 0-4 Jamaica (Goal scorers: Brace from Alanzo Adlam and Brace from Levaughn Williams)


Cayman Islands 0-3 Jamaica (Goal scorers: Brace from Andre Clennon and 1 from Alanzo Adlam)


2nd CFU Round


Jamaica 4-1 Antigua and Barbuda (Dever Orgill,Andre Campbell, Davion Thorpe and an own goal from Antiguan player Cantius Philogene)


Aruba 0-4 Jamaica (4 goals from Dever Orgill)


CFU Final Round


Jamaica 1-1 Haiti ( Dever Orgill)


Dominican Republic 1-4 Jamaica (Hattrick from Alanzo Adlam and 1 goal from  Romario Campbell)


St. Vincent and the Grenadines 0-2 Jamaica (Own goal from St. Vincent player Justin Stapleton and Levaughn Williams)


2009 CONCACAF U-20 Championship


Jamaica 0-3 United States


Jamaica 2-1 El Salvador ( Romario Campbell and Alanzo Adlam)


Jamaica 0-4 Honduras


At least a draw against Honduras would have secured a spot in the 2009 edition of the U-20 FIFA World Cup in Egypt


2011 (Head Coach:Walter Gama and Andrew Edwards)


CFU U-20 Qualifiers


Jamaica 6-1 Grenada (Craig Foster(3), Neco Brett(2) and Allan Ottey)


US Virgin Islands 0-11 Jamaica (Craig Foster (3), Devon Williams(3), Paul Wilson (2), Allan Ottey(2), Neco Brett, Rohan Roye and Kevon Farquharson)


Guyana 0-2 Jamaica (Craig Foster (2))


CONCACAF U-20 Championship


Guatemala 2-0 Jamaica


Honduras 2-1 Jamaica ( Neco Brett – Goal voted in top 10 in tournament)


2013 (Head Coach: Walter Gama)


Jamaica 1-0 Antigua and Barbuda (Oshane Boothe)


Jamaica 3-0 Suriname (Sean McFarlane, Zhelano Barnes and Kareem Manning)


Jamaica 0-0 Cuba


CONCACAF U-20 Championship


Jamaica 4-1 Puerto Rico (Omar Holness, Damion Lowe and Kendan Anderson)


Jamaica 0-4 Panama


Quarter Finals: Jamaica 0-4 Mexico


Beating Mexico would help Jamaica advance to the U-20 FIFA World Cup in Turkey


2015 (Head Coach: Theodore Whitmore)


As host of the CONCACAF U-20 Championship, Jamaica received a bye and they did not participate in the CFU Rounds


CONCACAF U-20 Championship


Jamaica 2-2 Trinidad and Tobago (Donjay Smith and Junior Flemmings)


Jamaica 0-1 Guatemala


Jamaica 0-2 Panama


Jamaica 0-2 USA


Jamaica 0-0 Aruba


2017 qualifiers (Head Coach: Ricardo Gardner)


CFU Qualifiers


Jamaica 2-1 Dominica (First time we beat a Windward Island team by less than a 2 goal margin)


Jamaica 0-2 St. Kitts and Nevis (First time Jamaica has lost to St.Kitts and Nevis at U-20 level)


Jamaica 2-1 Dominican Republic

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