Jamaica’s top 10 all time leading goal scorers

  1. Luton Shelton– 35 goals in 75 matches for Jamaica – Luton Shelton is the only player in international football to score four goals on his international debut. This came in a 12-0 victory over St. Martin. Shelton has played  a role for Jamaica in the 2005, 2009 and 2011 editions of the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Shelton has helped Jamaica win the 2005, 2008 and 2010 editions of the Caribbean Cup. It was in these tournaments where he scored the goals. His most famous goal came when Jamaica beat USA 2-1 for the first time at the senior level.




2. Paul Davis – 34 goals in 61 games for Jamaica – Paul “Tegat” Davis best memory in a Jamaica shirt was helping Jamaica to win the Caribbean Cup in 1991, after this, it was followed up by a 3rd place finish in the CONCACAF Gold Cup.



3. Onandi Lowe – 27 goals in 81 games – A member of Jamaica’s 1998 World Cup Squad. DID YOU KNOW: Onandi Lowe played as a Defender in this World Cup? Check out this strike from Nandi in 2003


4. Theodore Whitmore: 24 goals in 120 matches. Tappa is the only man to win the Caribbean Cup as player and as Head Coach. He also scored 2 of Jamaica’s 3 goals at the FIFA World Cup.



5. Andy Williams – 22 goals in 97 games. Nicknamed “The Bomber” Andy is another 1998 World Cup veteran who scored brilliant goals for Jamaica. He had clever footwork and never backed down from any challenge.


6. Paul Young 22 goals in 47 games for Jamaica – Young was a player blessed with genuine pace and an eye for goal. He gave the Americans a lot to handle in the 1998 World Cup Qualifiers.



7. Walter Boyd – 19 goals in 75 matches for Jamaica – Some say he was the best player to ever wear the Jamaican jersey. Some say his attitude let his career go down. One thing for sure is that he always gave special moments for Jamaica and some of them were goals like this:


8. Hector Wright – 16 goals in 71 games for Jamaica. Wright was the first man to score for Jamaica at the Azteca, this came in the 1993 CONCACAF Gold Cup Against Mexico.



9. Paul Hall – 15 goals in 41 matches for Jamaica. Paul Hall was another member of that 1998 Campaign and he scored a key goal to help Jamaica secure a vital point in El Salvador.


10. Deon Burton – 13 goals in 61 games for Jamaica – The only footballer to win Jamaica’s Sportsman of the Year Award. Burton scored 4 goals in 5 games to help Jamaica qualify for the 1998 World Cup.




Can Darren Mattocks, Michael Seaton or Giles Barnes join this list?


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