Coaching Course taking place at UWI

The Jamaica Football Federation will hold an Advanced Level I Coaching Course July 5 – 15 at the JFF Technical Center, University of the West indies.

Once again the course is oversubscribed and will have some thirty (30) participants from a number of high schools; football clubs and business entities.

This marks the 21st Advanced Level I course conducted by the Federation since it announced its intent to raise the quality of coaching as one of the main planks to improve the sport in Jamaica. This thrust was launched in 2009 in association with the University of Technology and sponsored by JMMB.

Although certification to coach at all levels is now mandatory, the JFF has also found that coaches are seeking out the knowledge presented in the courses in unprecedented numbers.

The Federation has sought over the period to refresh course content in keeping with international football dynamics, rules and regulations even whilst it maintains its commitment to a 50-50 ratio between sports sciences and the technical/tactical aspects of the game.

The JFF wishes to remind all stakeholders that coaches must be certified by the JFF to coach at any level of the sport. The JFF has certified over seven hundred coaches over the period of the coaching school’s establishment.

Topics which are covered include:

  • Ethics of Football Coaching
  • Coaching Styles And Methods
  • Planning and Preparing a Training Session
  • Fitness Development
  • Anatomy
  • Biomechanics
  • Grassroots Development

Instructors are drawn from the JFF national coaching pool and the University of Technology and participants must partake in examinations to be certified.

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