U-17 Boyz selected and off to USVI

Jamaica’s U-17 Reggae Boyz Squad has been announced for the preliminary round of the U-17 CFU Qualifiers. The full delegation departs at 7:25 am from the Norman Manley International Airport on Wednesday. Jamaica has qualified for the U-17 FIFA World Cup in 2011 in Mexico and in 1999 in New Zealand.


Jamaica’s group for the prelimenary round includes Guyana, Antigua and Barbuda and the US Virgin Islands. Group winner will advance to the CFU Final Round which will take place in Trinidad in September.


CFU Men’s U17, US Virgin Islands

Final 20 List


First Name Last Name Club Position
1 Daniel Russell Holmwood Tech/Hill Stars Goalkeeper
2 Kendall Edwards Parkview High/Atlanta USA Defender
3 Romario McPherson Bridgeport High/Edgewater FC Defender
4 Jeremy Verley St Georges College Midfielder
5 Jamoi Topey Camperdown High/Portmore United Defender
6 Nickache Murray Wolmers Boys/Cavaliers SC Defender
7 Khaeem Parris Dinthill Tech/Cavaliers SC Forward
8 Cobi Atkinson American Heritage,FL USA Forward
9 Raewin Senior Excelsior High School/Portmore United Forward
10 Renato Campbell Kingston College/Harbour View FC Forward
11 Omar Thompson Kingston College/Cavaliers SC Midfielder
12 Kimmani Gibbons St Jago High/Portmore United Midfielder
13 Tajay Griffiths Innswood High/Royal Lakes Goalkeeper
14 Thriston Briscoe Nth Babylon School,NY USA Forward
15 Jordan Petrekin Kingston College/Real Mona Defender
16 Blake White Home Schooled, Florida, USA Defender
17 Casseam Priestley Kingston College/Santos SC Midfielder
18 Damani Osei Cosby High School,USA Midfielder
19 Calwayne Allen St James High/Irwin United FC Defender
20 Chad Letts YSC  Academy, Philadelphia, USA Forward



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