Government Investing in Modern Technology, Upgrading of Police Stations

Minister of National Security,” Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, has declared the Government’s dedication to supplying the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) together with the vital resources to improve crime fighting.

Talking during a trip of police stations in Area Four on June 6he stated that considerable investment has been made from the purchase of contemporary technology along with the upgrading of infrastructure.

He noted the telecommunications center was completely remodeled”and is currently supplying very good quality communications over the drive, and it is a necessity for effective policing.”

“What we’re attempting to perform would be to modernise the drive”, he stated, noting that cars are being equipped with computers, that will offer the authorities with ready access to information to help crime-fighting while on patrol.

As it is related to the updating of these police channels, Dr. Chang stated”when we choose 2017 when we began, we’ve performed well over 100 channels”

“Many are being completed as we speak. There are approximately 25 channels which are still under repair,” he whined.

Additionally, he explained that planning and property acquisition to its divisional and area headquarters at St. Catherine is going to be finished this calendar year, but noticed that building may be delayed as a result of effect of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Likewise, Westmoreland would be to receive a divisional headquarters and also we may have the ability to go to tender in the past quarter of this financial year. The autopsy package, although maybe not urinating, is a essential portion of the security devices, and ought to begin this season,” he noticed.

Furthermore, Dr. Chang advised the Government is considering the building of a new correctional centre, ” he stated,”will offer a contemporary space to place our offenders, even people that are low hazard”

“What I expect is that we’ll have someplace to hold over 1,000 more like 2,000 people,” he explained.

Meanwhilethe National Security Minister, who was accompanied by Minister with portfolio, Senator that the Hon. Matthew Samuda and Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson, praised the members of the JCF to its crucial role they play at the federal COVID-19 answer.

He explained that the excursion, that included stops in the Central, Elleston Road and also Hunts Bay police channels, supplied him with a firsthand look in”what is happening and seeing exactly what the challenges have the police officers”

“We’ve experienced any uptick in gang action and that I believed it’d be helpful to see the women and men in the area to view what’s occuring. The Government has long term advancements for both downtown Kingston and safeguarding public security and law and order will be the cornerstone on which we’re likely to construct the market.

“I’m rather convinced that the authorities will offer the necessary supporting base for effective perform down ,” he further added.

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